UNIGIN has been involved in dome screen development since 2012, the aspects of dome screen design and development, optical coating, manufacture and fabrication, worldwide installation and customer services and etc., we provide the professional system services to the customers.
The Goal of the Dome Screen
To provide comprehensive large metal hard screen solution
Core Value:Innovation, Commitment, Profession
The value of our existence is that we are willing to discover problems and solve them.  We gain and learn the lessons with new experiences by solving the problems, this also make us to upgrade the products and technologies for creating better products and services.

The Most Professional in The World
Dome Screen
Dome Screen
According to the requirement of on-site environment, we provide
◎ Environment and Equipment Professional Consultation
◎ Design planning and suggestions
◎ Structural Planning
◎ Customized Design and Fabrication
◎ On-Site Installation
Screen Cleaning, Repaneling and Repainting
Screen Cleaning, Repaneling and Repainting
After long periods of time passing by and operation to the equipment; dusts, discoloration and various damages are inevitably; therefore, we provide,
◎ Dome Screen Professional Evaluation
◎ Dome Screen Diagnosis Report
◎ Dome Screen Base Maintenance Service 
◎ Dome Screen Cleaning Service
◎ On-Site Screen Paneling Repainting 
◎ Screen Paneling Replacement (Repaneling)

Development and Testing
Development and Testing
Providing diameter 3M & 11M FRP Dome Screen and 8M Dome Screen Testing Space to let Collaboration Partner can do,
◎ Dome Screen video, software, cinema system development
◎ Interactive theater effect test
◎Projector equipment integration test
◎All tests and research of various projections
Metal finishing and manufacturing (customized & diversified)
Metal finishing and manufacturing (customized & diversified)

All kinds of cases can be taken
◎3D curved dome screen design, planning, manufacturing, construction
◎Steel structure design, manufacturing, installation 
◎Mechanical equipment manufacturing and finishing
◎Precision finishing
◎Welding construction: A. high-tension steel welding B. aluminum welding C. stainless steel welding, D. alloy and special steel welding (in accordance with customer requirements)
◎According to customer requirements and produced by released orders