Professional Projection Dome Screen / Dome Manufacturer / Large Entertainment Equipment Manufacturer

UNIGIN is fully committed developing 3D curved screen panels, curved hard screens and dome screen.
From initial space evaluation, structural design, load evaluation, drawing design, paneling coating to whole products are developed and manufactured by UNIGIN

Special UNIGIN for marvelous you

Our customers include world-renowned amusement parks and planetariums.  From U.S.A. to Japan and Abu Dhabi, you can find our domes all over the world.  When you order a dome from UNIGIN, you can have the best projection screen surface of this industry.  Our full-experienced team provides you with accumulated experiences and expertise over the years.  The products will be delivered and installed as following by our plans, and the customers are always completely satisfied for our services.

UNIGIN has established long-term partnerships with the world's leading technology companies to create a comprehensive solution for our clients.