Ta-Da~ The Long-awaited "Mission Impossible"

First of all, let's congratulate to the successful conclusion of the impressive spatial exhibition at the Tainan Exhibition Center in July. The diverse and high-quality displays left a profound impression, showing the tremendous dedication of the organizing team.

"Mission Impossible of fast installation on 8M Acoustic Dome Screen" has finally been unveiled. 


Just as we always do, we approached this challenge with a dedicated and focused attitude. Despite the original 15-day installation period, we managed to complete it within just 2.5 days!

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Upon receiving the exhibition invitation from the curatorial team and learning about the time constraints for setting up the exhibition space, the Yujian RD team had to quickly design a metal transparent acoustic sphere that could be swiftly installed. Once the design was completed, the in-house manufacturing team immediately began production, followed by module modifications within the allotted time. This was then followed by a mock assembly on-site. The highlight was the "on-site installation," involving robust steel structures combined with carefully seamless integrated projection screens, setting a highlight for the 4-day exhibition period. After that, there was a 1.5-day dismantling process, marking another touching and perfect farewell from the Unigin team. 

Editor: From the bottom of my heart, truly, it's incredibly moving. Being Experienced every stage, every detail, and the dedication and effort of every individual throughout the process, I'm honored to be a part of this team.