【 2022 LANTERN Festival Creations 】 |LIGHTS ON THE SPOT.|

Wish Blow was first showcased at Lyon Light Festival 2018

The artists believe in the magical powers of positive thinking: making a wish, having a dream, is already half a reality! Wish Blow symbol the power of our hopes and dreams. The longer you blow, the further the light travels, and the greater your chance of seeing your wish come true!

What are your hopes for the new year?

Come to Kaohsiung and shout your wishes out to the sea.

The harder you shout, the further the light travels and the greater your chance of seeing your dreams come true!  Will you have enough to light up all 30 orbs?

2022 LANTERN Festival Creation

30 dazzling spheres with mesmerizing lights created by your sound.

It just like a large dreamlike wishing pool.

#2022 LANTERN Festival in Kaohsiung