Qualified Technique and Safety

EN 1090-1:Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures

Due to the abundant oversea experiences and our excellent expertise, our technique of metal structure has met the standard of European requirement for conformity assessment of performance for structural steel and aluminium components. This certificate shows that we have the ability to cover kits paced on the market as construction products, structural design, and applied steel components in composite steel and concrete structures, which can be used directly or in construction works.

ISO 3834:Quality requirement for fusion welding of metallic materials 

We are also qualified to ensure our welding process quality. With the higher level of ISO 3834-1, we are capable to address the welding quality with the different levels of risk.

Efficient, Effective Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

We have been proven to have the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet our customers and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Our goal is to apply the effective system to enhance our client's satisfaction, such as system improvement,  the assurance of conformity to customers, and providing excellent expert service.

Excellent Experts in Metal Fabrication

 Certificate of International Welding Engineer (International Institute of Welding) 

AWS QC1 Certification of Welding Inspectors (American Welding Society)

Unigin has numerous experts who is qualified locally and internationaly. Since we are aiming to achieve the best quality of metal fabication, our experts are ready to provide their well experiences and in-depth knowledge to our clients.