Exclusive Interview

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Unigin Patente Outdoor Dome Screen is currently on-site installation

Unigin Patente Outdoor Dome Screen is currently on-site installation ~ Looking forward to meeting everyone during the Great Fun event from 9/27 to 10/22

Utility model patent : movable dome projection device

Congratulations on UNIGIN utility model patent of the new dome screen!!

Ta-Da~ The Long-awaited "Mission Impossible"

First of all, let's congratulate to the successful conclusion of the impressive spatial exhibition at the Tainan Exhibition Center in July. The diverse and high-quality displays left a profound impression, showing the tremendous dedication of the organizing team. "Mission Impossible of fast installation on 8M Acoustic Dome Screen" has finally been unveiled. Just as we always do, we approached this challenge with a ded...

Look! Steel Petal Artwork in Niaosong, Kaohsiung

The client saidWe are constructing a building over 30 meters tall ofelegant and outstanding charm And needs to show exude,unique and unparalleled The ongoing petal installation art, currently in progress, is a symphony of architectural technology. Unigin team transforms rigid steel into graceful and delicate forms, showcasing the ingenious fusion of technology and art. They infuse life into the cold metal, combining 3...

< Tian Cheng Yuan Man - Steel Petals>

The work of Tian Cheng Yuan Man Steel Petals has now transformed the concept into reality, standing impressively on both sides of the building over 30 meters high in Niaosong Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. This is a stylistic steel structure created with diverse internal forms, a perfect combination of architecture, art, 3D design modeling, and precise steel construction engineering, forming a symphony of architectural technology! Unigin is renowned in the industry for its speci...

Unigin 8-Meter Immersive Dome Theater - EXPERIENCE LIFE

Unigin 8-Meter Immersive Dome Theater will be exhibited in EXPERIENCE LIFE show of ICC Taiwan, we intented to build an relaxing area for clever minds’ inspiration. ~Challenge Mission~ How does Unigin team accomplish the installation taskof reducing the assembly period from 20 days to 3 days? Through lightweight design and installation techniques,this challenge requires both intellect and physical strength! Show Time│2023/7/13– 2023/7/16 10...

New Hot Spot OPEN – SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi OPEN! Unigin team is honored to have participated in the dome screen construction project at "SeaWorld Abu Dhabi" which was completed the installation early 2023. This 21.5-meter Acoustically Transparent Projector Dome Screen was built in a connecting space of Antarcticaand Arctic in the park. Looking back to the beginning when we took on this project it was urgent and challenging. G...

Building Art Installation – Steel Petals

Building Art Installation < Steel Petals > Petals weigh up to 80 tons each Size: H 30 meters, W 12.5 meters The on-site installation of this large petal art installation has reached the 5th Level. Look, it's spectacular! This is a very excited case for us. We worked from design, brainstorming, planning,and structure construction, and a lot of discussions with customers in different stages. Then it took us more than 2 months to m...

The Most Eye-Catching Landmark in Keelung, TAIWAN

Keelung Intercity Transfer Station will become an urban renewal milestone (Courtesy of KeelungCity Government) Resonating Light from Mountains and Seas is inspired by the diverse connotations of Keelung Harbor. Based on the concept of "passing on the light," it is a public artwork characterized by dynamic light performance, which brings about a harmonious construct of sunrise, symbolizing the original point as well as a vessel sailing towards the light. The work compares Keel...

Video - Resonating Light from Mountains and Seas

影片轉貼:YouTube This amazing lignt public art was jointly created by the Keelung City Government and the well-known domestic technology and art team - LuxuryLogico. The public art combines technological innovation and spiritual symbols to bring a brand-new urban appearance to Keelung. The concept of the work originated from the multiple meanings represented by Keelung Port. Luxurious Long Machine Workers conceived from the idea of "ship lights and passing lights", so it has the...