Video - Resonating Light from Mountains and Seas

影片轉貼:YouTube This amazing lignt public art was jointly created by the Keelung City Government and the well-known domestic technology and art team - LuxuryLogico. The public art combines technological innovation and spiritual symbols to bring a brand-new urban appearance to Keelung. The concept of the work originated from the multiple meanings represented by Keelung Port. Luxurious Long Machine Workers conceived from the idea of "ship lights and passing lights", so it has the...

【 2022 LANTERN Festival Creations 】 |LIGHTS ON THE SPOT.|

Wish Blow was first showcased at Lyon Light Festival 2018 The artists believe in the magical powers of positive thinking: making a wish, having a dream, is already half a reality! Wish Blow symbol the power of our hopes and dreams. The longer you blow, the further the light travels, and the greater your chance of seeing your wish come true! What are your hopes for the new year? Come to Kaohsiung and shout your wishes out to the sea. The harder you shout...

The Most Eye-Catching Landmark in Keelung, TAIWAN

Keelung Intercity Transfer Station will become an urban renewal milestone (Courtesy of KeelungCity Government) Resonating Light from Mountains and Seas is inspired by the diverse connotations of Keelung Harbor. Based on the concept of "passing on the light," it is a public artwork characterized by dynamic light performance, which brings about a harmonious construct of sunrise, symbolizing the original point as well as a vessel sailing towards the light. The work compares Keel...


Exhibition Announcement : Great Migrations - Master Lu Ming Te

The Exhibition ofMaster Lu Ming Te will be held during the period of 17th April to 18th July 2021 in Taipei Fine Arts Museum. We are reallyhonored to be invited providing the dome screen for showing the film from Master Lu Ming Te in this exhibition. Please click here for the detailed information ---> Click Me <---