Why Unigin Domes

Ungin projection dome screens are all customized design. According to the industry category, building characteristics, specific requirement of building regulations, the corresponding dome structure design is provided according to the site requirements. We offer structure type like cantilever, suspension, supporting, etc.. With custom-made related audio-visual equipment, tailor-made immersive theaters for spaces such as planetariums, museums, entertainment park, flying simulator, exhibition centers, attractions.

The Best for You

Acoustic dome
Unigin dome screen uses sound-transmitting aluminum panels to allow sound to penetrate effectively with sound equipment setting behind the screen, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in an amazing world of audio, video, sound and light from all angles.

Image without chromatic aberration
Aluminum screen panels with high hardness and precise curved surface. The special optical surface is produced by the patented coating technology controlled by the automatic robot arm, which ensures the color of the screen panel is uniform and consistent to presents the best optical performance without gaps and chromatic aberration under optical projection.

Best reflectivity
According to different fields and equipment requirements, provide customized reflectance coatings between 30% and 50% to create screens with different reflectivity, for example: IMAX reflectance 30%, PIANETARIA reflectance 50%.