Building Art Installation – Steel Petals

Building Art Installation  

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  Petals weigh up to 80 tons each

  Size: H 30 meters, W 12.5 meters

  The on-site installation of this large petal art installation has reached the 5th Level.  

Look, it's spectacular!


                                                      This is a very excited case for us. 

We worked from design, brainstorming, planning, and structure construction, and a lot of discussions with customers in different stages.

Then it took us more than 2 months to make a module. After we completed the module, this small accomplishmnet brough us hope!

However, the real challenge was just began -- A small module compare to the combination of dozens of small modules to form two petals with beautiful lines are really two different things!

What's more, it's made of  METAL and STEEL. Moreover, we only have 7 months to finish the whole project. 

For Unigin, a company with more than decade of experience of building Large-Scale Public Art Wrok. 

-- This mission is nothing more than taking the word "challenge" into a new level! --